Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Fall Hairstyle Dilemma


For a large chunk of my life I have worn my hair naturally. I have had every style of braid and twist you can imagine and all before the age of fifteen. I first decided to relax my hair because I wanted the luxury of pulling my hair into a ponytail when I would workout or have a basketball game, it was never a decision to conform. By the time I entered college, I was ready to "go natural" again. I let my perm grow out while I wore micros/box braids. During college I wore box braids, cornrows, afros and even a dry press in the cooler months. Thank goodness my decisions were never made because my hair was unhealthy, it was just something I wanted to do.

I have always had a battle within myself over how to style my hair. My fear has been that natural hairstyles will not be accepted in a white collar environment. It may be my imagination but I have always felt like I was treated differently with a natural hairstyle as opposed to a relaxed style.

Natural hair was accepted at Spelman College (the best HBCU for black women!) but how acceptable will it really be on Wall Street?

Now, I am twenty-six years old and in business school. I am actively looking to start a career and build a brand for myself.
My dilemma...I want my hair to grow during the fall/winter season but I do not want to wear anymore braided styles!!

I hate the idea of wearing a weave but I do crave the length. My new mission is to nurture my chemically processed hair to promote growth. I am developing a new haircare routine that will include:
  • Plenty of moisture for my hair and scalp
  • Relaxers every 10-12 weeks
  • Flat ironing no more than 2-3 times a week
  • Washing 1-2 times a week.
  • The product line I will be using is Carol's Daughter because Lisa Price uses a lot of natural ingredients and all of the product reviews have been great! 
Carol's Daughter Website

Has anyone else felt like they were treated differently because of the way they decided to style their hair? How does your hairstyle reflect the environment you live and work in?

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